Shops Air Conditioning Systems


India is experiencing a retail boom and all the big players from around the world want to have a share of the Indian market pie. Well known global brands are making a beeline to hit the showrooms / retail outlets / malls and get as many customers try them out. In doing so, they need to create an ambience, which will create that magic and get as many people visit their showrooms and enjoy the holistic experience. They have diverse objectives. However the bottom line being, they want maximum footfalls and people revisiting their shops.

The systems that go into the making of these great comfortable spaces need proper care while designing, installing and commissioning. Air Tech has mastered the art of airconditioning and thus have become the most trusted partners for any organization to deliver exacting cooling solutions.

Air Tech products too, meet the requirements of these shops / Showrooms. The capacity, model and configuration all add up to the vast range and variety only Blue Star can uniquely provide.

These Shops / showrooms will require total service support. Air Tech is the organization in the country which has extensive service partners / dealers while maintaining it's own service organization. "Air Tech Service" today is well respected for commitment of time and result while at the same time remaining cost competitive.

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