Hotels Air Conditioning Systems


Hospitality industry has to ensure, the guests who come to stay, have a cool and comfortable stay.

Hotel airconditioning involves maintaining proper temperature, humidity, air flow, indoor air quality, odor and noise levels. To present an acceptable level of ambience all the time, the HVAC system has to work 24x7. At the same time there will be a lot swing in the occupancy in the hotels depending on the season. Also on any given day, all the areas of the hotel may not be occupied.

All this calls for a diligent understanding of the need of every client and come-up with a solution, which meets the need. Air Tech Engineers provide the system taking into consideration all this and much more.

When systems are not fully loaded and they need to run 24x7, if we build with excess redundancy, the initial cost will be prohibitive and operating cost of the property will become exorbitantly high. While the systems are running for longer periods of time, there is AC capacity fluctuation. There is a tremendous opportunity for energy saving. Air Tech with its wealth of knowledge and expertise delivers value-for-money energy saving options, more equipment to choose from, many varieties in system design and a proper attitude to deliver the solution.

Air Tech with over 10 years experience in more than 10 years of experience of designing, commissioning and installing air-conditioning systems to a wide range of the commercial and domestic sectors. Right from heat load estimation to design and selection of equipments, laying them out, testing and commissioning, it is done in the right way meeting the highest standards in the industry.

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