Domestic Air Conditioning Systems


Increasing numbers of domestic home owners are purchasing air conditioning. These range from those in modest houses to those in multi million pound properties.

We have the expertise in providing air conditioning units to the domestic and residential markets for rooms including conservatories, bedrooms, loft conversations, home offices, kitchens and living spaces, such as lounges and living rooms.

Environmentally Friendly Option That Saves You Money

CO2 emissions can be greatly reduced along with the home's running costs with the installation of the correct sized air conditioning system.

Air conditioning provides much more than just cooling and heating the air; it can also control humidity and the quality of the air throughout the year. We are the leading deliverers of integrated solutions so we are able to supply and install units for cooling and heating the air, as well as controlling its quality.

If your home is stifling hot during the summer months, we have the expertise and experience to help you, but we can also help you keep your house warm in winter too.

Helping Allergy Suffers

Domestic air conditioning is often purchased for allergy suffers, such as those that suffer from asthma or hayfever to remove allergens and pollutants.

In consultation with you, we will provide a number of options for your cooling, heating and air conditioning needs to come up with the most cost effective solution for you.

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